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How to just say no!

Published 11 July 2017
By learning How to just say no, you will impose respect and you will be honest. Then it will be easier for you to say yes and this "yes" will be precious.

How to promote my Crowdfunding project?

Published 12 April 2017
All crowdfunding campaigns rely on solid marketing in order to succeed. Crowdfunding Categories makes marketing tools more accessible for creators.

Robinson's 5 Meetings Rules

Published 03 September 2016
Being productive during Meetings is essential. Discover The Art and Crafts of Meetings with Paul Robinson with the Robinson's 5 Meetings Rules

So it's your first Crowdfunding Campaign?

Published 12 November 2015
If you are putting up ideas and money together with the goal of creating and funding your first crowdfunding campaign, this article is for you.

Robinson's Rules for all night working

Published 22 October 2015
Four simple Robinson's Rules to follow that will ensure that your night will be as profitable and beneficial as possible and cause the least amount of damage to your mind and body
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