Published 30 July 2017 -


WeKast launches on Kickstarter seeking $50,000 to manufacture its presentation solution that eliminates setup, while increasing mobility and engagement. The WeKast device boasts a plug & cast wireless technology that allows users to move around the room freely while controlling their presentations from a mobile device.

Solutions on the market today, typically take between 5 to 20 minutes of pre-presentation setup. This awkward time-wasting process, involving wires, computers and wifi connections, often tethers presenters to a laptop or PC affecting a speaker's use of body language and their ability to engage with an audience.

Alternatively, with its built in power source and wifi, WeKast doesn’t rely on any outside technology beyond a screen. The WeKast setup involves just three simple steps: 1. Plug the device into any screen. 2. Open the pre-downloaded app. 3. Select a presentation. The standalone solution can be brought into any meeting room and works instantly - without the need for wires, internet/wifi or even a computer/laptop.


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The WeKast solution is designed to present slides exactly as they were original formatted on the computer with all animation, fonts, colors, graphics, video and audio represented seamlessly. The WeKast plug-in converts files into a mobile-optimized format which sends presentations directly to its Android and iOS mobile app. Users can then control the presentation from their device while keeping time using the apps timer and viewing their presenter notes within the app.

WeKast also offers “WeKast Engage”, a robust social tool located in the app to help presenters socialize presentations through story sharing, encouraging feedback and allowing follow up with attendees. “WeKast Engage” capability can push slides to audience devices as each slide is presented. After which, attendees can mark them up for their own use. “WeKast Engage” also offers slide-by-slide ‘like’ voting, audience questions, Twitter engagement, as well as polling and other social features.

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Statut : 122% funded
Perf : 61001$ of 50000$ goal
Plaform : Kickstarter
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