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Many people are looking to electric cars and bikes as a way to remove the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. However, an electric vehicle or other electric travel options can often be more expensiveand harder to come by than those run by fuel. However, with a new electric bike from Dillinger bikes, that’s not the case anymore.


Dillinger bikes out of Southland, Australia have designed the first ever quality folding electric bicycle, and they’ve managed to create it at an affordable price. In order to help get the word out and to promote their amazing bikes, Dillinger turned to Kickstarter to give their supporters the first chance to grab their own battery-powered bicycle at a much cheaper than retail price.


With a starting goal of $30,000, the Dillinger sport bike was quickly funded by backers in only a matter of days, raising nearly five times more than the original goal amount. With the reward of owning a brand-new Dillinger Cheetah, supporters showed their enthusiasm for these incredible travel bikes as fast as they could. The Kickstarter campaign to bring an affordable, unique, and fun battery-powered bike to the masses was a huge success, and now these bikes are scheduled to hit the road by early 2015.


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Because of its comfort, functionality, and value, the Cheetah really is a one-of-a-kind product. The bike folds easily for transport, making it great for commuters.With its innovative pedal assist and speeds of up to 20 km/h (12 mph), the Dillinger battery-powered bike can get you to work on time while keeping you and your work clothes smelling as fresh as your morning shower.




Worry over fossil fuels or an expensive vehicle can be a thing of the past with a Dillinger Cheetah. Running on a 12Ah 24V rechargeable battery, choosing an electric sport bike for your travel options can help lower emissions and be a better choice for the environment.


For more information about the Dillinger Cheetah electric bike, please visit their website at


Statut : 699% funded
Perf : 209692$ of 30000$ goal
Plaform : Kickstarter
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