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Crystal Brook

Rome can be considered as the home to some of the greatest Jazz musicians. That being said, much of this amazing music coming from Rome is still waiting to be discovered by the fans of this music genre. Szabolcs Olah is looking forward to discovering these talented artists  in Rome and bring them to the public's ears.


The Crowdfunder is a person who has always been passionate about composing music. In addition, music is and always has been a spiritual practice for him as well. He loves to connect with the ocean of music and then explore all the avenues that are available to him to travel along. The initiative that he has taken in order to discover Jazz musicians in Rome started as a direct result of his passion. 


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Szabolcs Olah is an award winning artist and performer. He won the first place in Barga Jazz International Competition back in 2007 along with his Hungarian Quintet. He had the opportunity to explore Rome in the same year, when he took part in a workshop along with Adam Rogers.  Adam Rogers was his favorite guitarist as well and it was a unique and an exciting opportunity for him. At the end of the workshop, there was a concert, where all the participants could show their skills. Szabolcs got the opportunity to win an award as one of the outstanding guitarists at that event.



This newest album of Szabolcs Olah is titled "Crystal Brook". He is planning to spend several months in Rome and he has entered into different partnerships with some of the best musicians in Italy. For example, the  excellent pianist Enrico Zanisi, who will be providing fantastic  support to Szabolcs throughout the creation of this new album.



This is a massive project and Szabolcs is not in a position to handle all the financial commitments on his own. As a result, an active crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo in order to raise funds. You can buy the album "Crystal Brook" directly on the funding page.


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Days to go : 207
Fundraising : 20000$
Plaform : Indiegogo
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