Published 12 February 2017 -

Curtain Claws

Every now and again, the interior design industry sees an innovation come along that makes everyone ask the question: ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

When it comes to curtains, you could be forgiven for thinking that we’ve seen every possible combination of hanging material and fixtures.

But actually, one woman from North Carolina has invented an ingenious device that looks set to transform curtain hanging as we know it.

Diane Stanton Brown hails from the port city of Wilmington and has been in the curtain industry for a decade and a half. Diane is the brains behind Curtain Claws - simple yet highly effective new decorative curtain tiebacks that simply clip onto any curtains to keep them in check.

She’s launched the product on Indiegogo [] and this is your chance to get in at the ground level and grab the very latest interior design innovation before any of your friends.

Curtain Claws are a quick and easy-to-install alternative to traditional, fixed tiebacks. The clever device simply closes around the fabric of your curtains. They grip securely enough to achieve the desired aesthetic effect without holding on so tightly that they’d cause any damage to the material.


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And the great thing is, you don’t have to stick with just the one design. Each set of Curtain Claws is fitted with interchangeable faceplates. That means that whenever the mood takes you, you can give your curtains a brand-new look in an instant.

“I’ve sold curtains for more than 15 years and worked with thousands of clients,” says Diane. “But I’ve always felt there was something missing in the way we choose to tie back our curtains and drapes.

“I firmly believe that Curtain Claws are the solution that will revolutionize the marketplace thanks to the simplicity of their construction, yet the infinite design possibilities and permutations there are to be explored.”

Curtain Claws are made from a high-quality and durable material that slips easily around any curtain fabric - from the most delicate of sheer tapestries right through to sturdy, heavyweight blackout curtains.

A ‘standard’ set comprises four Curtain Claws and four decorative medallions, but once you have your clips, there’s a huge array of possibilities to be achieved just be slipping on a new medallion whenever the mood, or the season, takes you.

You can freshen things up for spring, autumn, Halloween or Christmas - once the product takes off, the sky’s the limit!

“I know this product belongs in the marketplace and I know it will bring joy to consumers,” added Diane. “On Indiegogo, we’ve created several ‘perks’ with the goal of allowing you to support this campaign financially at a level that works for you, while at the same time having the opportunity to get your hands on one of these amazing products before the rest of the world even knows they exist!”

To be one of the first users of this amazing new product, head over to Indiegogo [] now and check out the packages on offer - they start from as little as $30!


Days to go : 254
Fundraising : 3000$
Plaform : Indiegogo
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