Published 28 August 2017 -

The River Cooter

Not feeling comfortable when wearing those bulky 'mini' refrigerators to store your six packs for the game?

We get you. And the guys behind River Cooter get you as well.

River what?

Meet River Cooter - the innovative, practical and extremely effective solution to your six-packing needs, currently available only as a Kickstarter product. Your beer cans, soda cans or Cokes will finally thank you for this invention, and let's show why.

First and foremost, the River Cooter introduces a 'new kid on the block' approach to the ice cooling industry. It is convenient and can be worn as easy as a bag of arrows positioned on your back. That means no pain in your arms, and free palms - for doing whatever you like!


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The technology incorporated in the River Cooter, is the best part of the story. The River Cooter is a tube which introduces us to a new era of can cooling - designed, tested and approved by professionals. The key element of the River Cooler is the technology in it, which includes so called 'cooling pucks' - objects that maximize the contact when placed between the cans which are nested together, creating a cool presence that lasts for hours.

Speaking of technology, the River Cooter wouldn't be as 'cool' as it is if it did not feature special set of materials. And that is exactly what it brings to the marketplace - an extra heavy neoprene material designed for extreme insulation and a foam of 3mm neoprene. What does this mean?

It means saying goodbye to all those bulky and not practical cooling solutions.

What started as a simple idea has revolutionized its way to a state-of-art design introducing cooling pucks positioned in a horizontal tube - which can be placed on your back or easily fit the trunk of your car - even if it's a fully-packed one for an upcoming road trip!

Finally, our barbecue gatherings, game nights and picnics are getting better. It is only up to ourselves to make the River Cooter possible and pledge for this project on Kickstarter. The pledges can be as low as dollar ones for a promotional sticker, $20 for the River Cooter sleeve with free shipping, $25 for the River Cooter cooler sleeve and a set of five ice pucks + a can koozle and $40 for two River Cooter cooler packs including five ice pucks per sleeve!

Are you feeling 'cool' enough? We all need to - just as we need to bring this product to life!

Get the River Cooter Here!


Statut : 111% funded
Perf : 1661$ of 1500$ goal
Plaform : Kickstarter
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