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PowerUp Toys today unveiled the next generation of paper airplanes with the POWERUP DART aerobatic smartphone controlled paper airplane that can do a loop a flip and barrel roll maneuver with a twist of the wrist. POWERUP DART utilizes bluetooth smart technology to easily control and maneuver a small paper plane with a speed of up to 25MPH and with a range over 200 ft. The tiny indestructible carbon fiber detachable unit provides double thrust to weight ratio enabling high speed stunts and tricks. The unit also includes a landing gear for takeoff and landing capability.


POWERUP Toys launched with a singular aspiration: to test the limitations of timeless homemade paper planes with technology, to go beyond the possibilities that have confined the imaginations of kids, their parents, and their parents’ parents, With this POWERUP Toys has propelled homemade paper planes into the future.

Launching on Kickstarter this September, POWERUP DART gives users a mind-blowing  experience in aerobatic flying., all based on a paper airplane that they make, the design possibilities are endless. Users can control their flight using intuitive gesture control or gamepad control app interface, “to start a maneuver just press the boost button and launch, your paper plane will go ballistic”. “the quick connect landing gear and skid lets user practice takeoff and landing from any flat surface, yes with a paper plane”, says Shai Goitein inventor and founder of POWERUP Toys.


Video promotion: #FLIGHT - Shai Goiten presents POWERUP DART


POWERUP DART will be available for preorders this September on Kickstarter, with delivery before Christmas 2017. And will be will be available for general retail Spring 2018. The product is currently priced starting at at $49.99 USD, with both early-bird and general discounts offered for Kickstarter backers starting at $25. The project follows the company's wickedly successful campaigns and award winners POWERUP FPV live streaming paper airplane and POWERUP 3.0 Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane, which is still the most funded campaign for "flight" projects.



●     Designed for aerobatic maneuvers -  loops spins barrel rolls

●     Bluetooth smart control with range of over 200 ft.

●     Take-off and landing capability

●     Quick Micro usb charging - 25 mins

●     Indestructible carbon fiber and nylon body -  1 full year warranty

●     Easy and intuitive control -  just tilt your phone to maneuver, throttle up to go ballistic.

●     Endless wing design possibilities.

●     Stability control via variable CG component

●     So small and light you don’t need to register it with the FAA




●     Rear propulsion direct drive for speed and pitch up

●     Magnetic proportional rudder for roll and yaw

●     Battery: 75mAh replaceable Lithium Polymer

●     Weight - 0.4 oz

●     Speed -  up to 25 MPH

●     Flight time - up to 10 minutes

●     Open-Source SDK


To find out more about POWERUP DART and to follow the launch of the Kickstarter, visit:

Kickstarter campaign: PowerUp Toys


Days to go : 17
Fundraising : 2000000$
Plaform : Kickstarter
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