Published 15 September 2017 -

Pizzeria Boss

Who doesn’t love fun tabletop games, like card games? All ages can play and enjoy them. Games can bring people and families together for some shared amusement, and collective time that’s spent enjoying games is definitely a good thing. A new company, Falling Star Entertainment, is bringing out a fresh and tasty card game called Pizzeria Boss. Come in and take a seat. Now who wants extra cheese?



About Game Basics

Perfect for families as well as larger groups, this game is light-hearted and entertaining, and it’s easy to learn. The pizzeria is open, and you’re in charge. Become a master pizza chef, and pit your skills against opposing pizzerias. There are two illustrated decks—the Boss deck and the Order deck—that complement one another. This card game is a test of skill in hand management and set collecting.


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Pizzeria Boss is simple yet rich with choices, and your success depends on how well you use the cards you have from both decks to strengthen your position and weaken other players. For example, with a “Cancelled Order” card, you hold it until you need to slow another player down by making them remove one of their pizza orders. This card game is one of patient and skillful maneuvering, and it’s a fun exercise in making the very best of what you have.


Kickstarting the Game Campaign

Falling Star Entertainment has set up a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money for the manufacture and distribution of this game, as well as for the creation of a grassroots infrastructure of supporters, brick-and-mortar shops and business associates to ensure the company continues to grow. The company is offering various benefits for different pledge levels as thanks to supporters.


The True Joy of the Game

Pizzeria Boss is set to join the ranks of favorite tabletop games and group card games. It draws people of all ages together for relaxing yet fun times while they all work to put their pizzeria on top and be crowned master pizza chef. The true joy in time spent with each other is the ultimate delight this game gives its players.

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Days to go : 298
Fundraising : 10000$
Plaform : Kickstarter
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