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Mental illness is real. Those struggling with mental problems are not lazy, difficult or irresponsible by choice, though they may become the “black sheep” of their families, separate and alone. They are often rejected or even feared because of their nonconformity.

Their struggles, however, are genuine. Some may be able to function marginally within society’s norms, even maintaining full-time jobs periodically. Mental illness, though, is a lifetime struggle. It is incurable, though symptoms can be managed through help, and with understanding and compassion. Those with mental illness are seen as imperfect, as shattered—even unwholesome—individuals. However, the new message is this: Broken is not forever, and good can come from broken. Read on to find out more.


Promoting Understanding

A new film is being launched that is aimed at helping the general population better understand the daily battles that the mentally ill must fight. Conceived by Julian Weigert aka Joshua Jones, this independent, experimental cinema work depicts modern society and its many social groups, including those often considered to be outsiders. This project explores the idea that perhaps the entire society would grow stronger through keener perception of these so-called outsiders.


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Heart of the Message

This film highlights five main conditions and factors:

·         Addiction

·         Anorexia

·         Homelessness

·         Depression

·         Discrimination



This project means to spur society to reconsider its definition of what mental illness is. It asks serious questions about why the five protagonists are who they are and if, perhaps, their conditions are not so uncommon after all.

·         Why is the number of people suffering from psychoses and mental illnesses increasing?

·         What can we do to help ourselves and each other?

·         Can a new perception of the world heal our society?

·         Has the answer been before us all the time?


The movie intends to suggest that perhaps we have forgotten the answer’s uncomplicated meaning. Its purpose is to present the message in its simplest form: Be nice.



Coming Together to Heal

The release of the film signals the start of a Kickstarter fundraising campaign focused on collecting money to establish a charity organization dedicated to helping the mentally ill and promoting conditions that could reduce the numbers of those struggling with mental illnesses.

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Follow this project’s work through #goodcancomefrombroken. This nonprofit project seeks to bring together all fragmented groups in society to support mental health and general well-being. Those two conditions go hand-in-hand—for everyone. 

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Days to go : 281
Fundraising : 2111$
Plaform : Kickstarter
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