Published 09 January 2015 -

Peek Retina

Few people know that approximately 80% of blindness can actually be avoidable with early detection and prompt treatment. Unfortunately, many people don't track their eye health or the deterioration of their vision until it is too late. However, a new app is about to change that. Peek Vision pairs a mobile app with a retina lens adapter, an innovation that provides users with an on-the-go system for testing their eyesight.


By creating a portable eye exam, Peek Vision has developed an affordable, high quality alternative to help people monitor their eyesight. The combination of mobile app and retinal lens adapter provides multiple measures of eye health. It can create retina imaging, grade the severity of a cataract, and provide visual acuity tests. This all-in-one combination gives health care providers a powerful tool for their patients. Because it can be used in a patient's home as well as in clinics, the portable app can expand access to those who might not otherwise get regular eye exams.


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Developed by a team of ophthalmologists, engineers, software developers, and business experts, Peek Vision aims to improve vision and increase access to quality eye care. Their eye examination tools have already undergone extensive research and development in multiple countries. From an Antarctic expedition to monitor the effects of cold and prolonged darkness on eye health to clinical testing in Scotland, Peek Vision has shown promising results. In Kenya, a pilot study is providing the Peek visual acuity app to schools to help students with visual impairments manage their eyesight early.

Through a successful indiegogo campaign and awards from and Mazda, the company has been able to raise enough money to begin the industrial design and manufacturing of their innovation. The Peek Vision app and retina lens adapter are expected to be on the market by October 2015.


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Statut : 157% funded
Perf : 165000$ of 104916$ goal
Plaform : Indiegogo
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