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Mr. Beam II

Every designer or architectural mastermind wants to have a piece of technology next to him when engraving, cutting or simply sketching objects, visuals and shapes. Mr. Beam was one of the most unique laser cutters ever seen on the marketplace, leading to many pledges in its first edition. However, let's leave the first edition - because the second is here - and is more powerful than ever.

Meet Mr. Beam II. No, it's not a gentleman of any kind, but a high-end machinery made for cutting, engraving, designing and practically projecting anything on paper, wood, leather and many other materials.

Motivated by their success with Mr. Beam's first edition, the German team decided to take a leap of faith and maximize the practicality and uniqueness of their invention. And that is how Mr. Beam II was born - disrupting the traditional engraving machines even more.

As they like to call it, their 'family member' - Mr. Beam II is an affordable desktop laser cutter and engraver. It can be used by everyone and for any purpose, from recreational and fun to industrial and projecting. Mr. Beam II can cut architectural models from wood, paper, plywood, Kraftplex or cardboard. But that's not all. It can cut or engrave on ANY surface - even if it's a banana on which you want to leave your personal message!


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The best thing about this radical piece of machinery is that it cuts through anything. From wood to leather, fabric and even anodized aluminum, it works with an integrated software that directly engraves the pictures, words or whatever is on your mind - directly to the material!

Another benefit of Mr. Beam II is that it works in a cable-free manner and through Wi-Fi. This means that you will cut the cords, cables and other attachments - and focus on Mr. Beam II in a completely convenient and practical way.

Whether it's your pencil that needs your name, your favorite set of jeans being "redesigned" by you, a picture of you and your loved ones you want mounted on the wall in a 'wood version', or your whole architectural project with every delicate element printed - Mr. Beam II can take it, working with its real live camera that also gives you a preview of the working area! This means that not only you will see how amazing this product is, but you are able to see what it does in action - on your laptop, tablet - or even smartphone!

You can see the specifications of cutting and engraving for every material - and see why Mr. Beam II is the world's most innovative laser engraver. IT works as easy as A-B-C and can be used by anyone. At a price of only 1,399 Euros (around $1,600) and free shipping to your location (anywhere it may be), Mr. Beam II could be yours!

Brace yourselves, and see how this new technology can make our lives easier!

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Statut : 1036% funded
Perf : 942673$ of 90997$ goal
Plaform : Kickstarter
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