Published 19 July 2017 -

Life-E Bracelet

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States? Taking lives from border to border, it is a devastating illness, and one that can lead to that most deadly of events: a sudden cardiac arrest.

If you’re not well-versed in medical terminology, sudden cardiac arrest arises when a person’s heart goes into a dangerous rhythm and suddenly and abruptly stops working. Fatal in 95 percent of cases, it is a phenomenon that many are at risk of suffering.

The statistics are truly shocking. Not only does heart failure cost the nation around $30.7 billion annually, but it kills 375,000 Americans every year, and contributes to around one in nine deaths. More deadly than all forms of cancer combined, it is a danger to everyone you know and love, which is why something must be done about it.


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Jeremiah Battle believes he might just have developed this ‘something’, in the form of a health innovation called the Life-E bracelet. Able to keep wearers informed of their vital signs at all times, his design has the ability to alert users to the risk of an impending heart attack so that they can get themselves somewhere safe before danger strikes.

The wristband is intricately crafted to achieve this end. Featuring various sensors and a digital display monitor to track everything from blood pressure to pulse, stress, and other heart-related readings, the band lights up in different colors depending upon the levels it picks up. This is cleverly done, with the wearer able to discern what actions they need to take depending upon whether the bracelet around their wrist is blue, green, yellow, or red.

It goes still further, notifying not only the individual themselves should their blood pressure reach a dangerous level, or the statistics indicate that they’re at risk of a heart attack, but also their family or emergency contacts.

The benefits of this are obvious: the bracelet could help to save the lives of you and the ones you love – but only if it is able to be made. This is where you come in. Without the necessary funding, this social enterprise cannot be further developed, for the cost of licensing, marketing, distributing, and operational expenses is too prohibitive.



Unless we can count on your help. Only with your support and funding will we have enough to cover our overheads and produce this life-changing product, which has the potential to spare thousands of people.

Want to get involved? Then please check out our Indiegogo page and make a donation today.


Days to go : 70
Fundraising : 50000$
Plaform : Indiegogo
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