Published 10 July 2015 -

Happy Cheeze

People are looking for healthy alternatives these days and there are only a couple of businesses that cater to the needs of vegans. One of them is the German company, Happy Cheeze. They are the first gourmet vegan cheese manufacturer that serves clients in Germany and in other parts of Europe.


Happy Cheeze has revolutionized the vegan cheese industry. They have introduced innovative products on the market, such as the Happy White vegan cheese, which is handmade soft-ripened cheese made of cashew. Foodies from all across Europe loved the products from Happy cheese, and there was a high demand for their products. Their current kitchen can’t cope with the demand.

And in order to serve their customers better, Happy Cheeze started a Kicks starter campaign to help them evolve and become a bigger vegan cheese manufacturer. They will use the money to find a larger space for their kitchen and to buy new equipment.


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Foodies and gourmet lovers agree that Happy Cheeze is the best alternative to cheese. Their vegan cheese tastes great and healthy. Not only that, it is also ethical. These are the reasons why Happy cheese products are in demand right after they offered their cheese online. This encouraged the owners to expand their current operation.


Happy White Vegan Cheese

It was in March 2015 when Happy Cheeze introduced Happy White at the Rohvolution convention in Berlin. It is a soft-ripened cashew cheese that has been made through traditional cheese making procedures. It is an all-vegan product that tastes good. Its texture is the same as real cheese, which is why foodies love it.


The Kickstarter campaign was started to help Happy Cheeze meet the increasing demand. They will use the amount to step up their production with bigger production area and new equipment. Their goal is to reach €12,000 by June 11, 2015. They are planning bigger and better ripening units for their vegan cheese products. They also want a separate space for the storage and production of the cheese. They will also buy storage and transportation containers, as well as refrigerated storage for more cheese varieties. They will also purchase new molds, improve the packaging, and analysis for the products.


Who Should Support the Project?

The Happy Cheeze Kickstarter campaign is for people who are looking for vegan products. Vegan cheese is a sustainable and ethical product that promotes healthier living. It is also a good way to reduce one’s carbon footprint. The campaign is also for foodies who are looking for culinary goodies. And lastly, it is for people who want to support worthy Kickstarter campaigns.



To learn more about Happy Cheeze vegan cheese, go to their website at You can also contact them for interviews, special features and more. 

Statut : 186% funded
Perf : 22266$ of 12000$ goal
Plaform : Kickstarter
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