Published 23 October 2017 -

Gas Station Mentality 

The Band Gas Station Mentality will be launching their latest album this year called ‘Systematically Manufactured’ and they plan on doing it bigger and better than ever before by literally hand delivering the album to you! The campaign's objective is to fund a tour, where the band plans on playing all their latest tracks across the US and Canada. With the fan's support all the money generated through the Crowdfunding campaign, will be used to bring their music to a wider audience and a host of other perks as well.

The Tour ‘Systematically Manufactured’

This is the Band's second consecutive album and they plan on hand delivering it to their fans. What the band means by this is, they need your help in making this campaign a reality. All the money that they hope to raise through the IndieGoGo Crowdfunding campaign, will exclusively be used to fund their ‘Gas Station Mentality Tour’.


The Tour’s Perks

The campaign goal is set for $8,000 in one month's time. A few concert dates have already been decided, however the more money this campaign raises the bigger this tour will be. The Band does plans on rewarding its loyal fans and they are doing this by offering you some great benefits, for example – they’ll play a show in your hometown (your back garden, basement, garage etc.), a jam session or guitar lesson - the choice is yours.

Bringing their Fans More Music

Gas Station Mentality’s last album was released over a year ago and they’ve been working non-stop to bring you this second album that features some amazing tracks for 2017. The Band feels that this collection of songs is even more relevant and compelling, reaching a wider audience. Their album Systematically Manufactured is the Band's perspective of the fact that destiny is real and this is the message they wish to spread with the music from their new album. They further want to enlighten their fans on the fact that most of the songs on this album were composed long before the members even knew what to call it. Their message with this album is ‘’Even though we may not know what the future holds, rest assured that it has already been decided’’.


Video promotion: GSM North American Tour 2017


Now that they’ve completed the album, they don’t want to take the regular route and post it on Bandcamp. The goal is to allow a wider audience to experience their Gas Station Mentality – sound tracks and give fans the album as a keepsake. This is a financially challenging objective and the band will certainly appreciate everyone’s support to make it happen.

The Tour

GSM plans to start the tour in July and it will continue through to fall. A list of the cities they will be playing at, will be released soon and if you don’t see your hometown on the list don’t panic as the band is prepared to add more dates as they go along. The tour in America starts off in Brooklyn--+ and they plan to continue with it until everyone has a copy of their new album.  If you would like to see them perform in your hometown, be sure to get in touch with them and help out the campaign. 

Access Campaign and book GSM here!


Days to go : 214
Fundraising : 8000$
Plaform : Indiegogo
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