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Laptops are pretty much the lifeblood of society and everyday living for many technology lovers. They go wherever the user goes, ensuring they are able to continuously work, stay abreast of changes and developments, and remain connected. However, there's also the pesky matter of battery life. Unless you are able to find an electric socket while on the move (which can be tricky, especially if you're on the move a lot), then once it drains out, you're pretty much stuck. This can be prohibitive to both business and social life.


That's where new business CASE ELECTRONIC has entered the market, with the launch and sale of their new product and business. The start-up company has developed an innovative protect and charge laptop case, which, along with providing you with a battery charger, also has extra storage.


It's set to be hugely popular, after the trend for buyers wanting on-the-move chargers for mobile phones first set the idea into motion. The stylish laptop cases, currently in prototype format, fit around a MAC laptop and have all the necessary cable points for you to fit USBs and external chargers. However, they also have a battery life of either 20,000 mAh in the basic case, 30,000 mAh battery or 50,000 mAh in the premium case, and 50,000 mAh battery with the extreme case.


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Additionally, the basic case comes with a 500GB hard drive, while the premium case comes with either a 1TB or 2TB hard drive, and the extreme case comes with a 2TB hard drive. On all cases, they come with cooling fans, lights for battery indicators, USB type-c load ports, USB-USB port 3.0 (with 4 drives), an SD-card slot point, port Thunderbolt, screen protector and keyboard protector.


Alongside battery life and memory, one of the key differences in the cases is the materials that they're made from. The basic case is manufactured in plastic, while the premium case is made from aluminum and the extreme case is produced with carbon fiber.

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In order to spread the message far and wide about their innovative new product and designs, CASE ELECTRONIC decided to launch their business on Kickstarter. So far they have had four backers, although their goal is to reach a pledge of €500,000 in the next two months. To find out more about CASE ELECTRONIC or to back the campaign, you can visit the Kickstarter page here!


Days to go : 197
Fundraising : 558855$
Plaform : Kickstarter
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