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Babylon Road backpack's

Style and substance can coexist in all things. If you are passionate about your clothing and accessories not only looking good, but also performing well, you need a carrier with as much fashion as function. A backpack should be able to fit everything you need for a day trip in the city or a weekend out in the country. At the same time, it shouldn’t make you look like a survivalist about to run for the hills and live off the land.

The ideal bag is versatile and well-made. The backpacks available at, for example, feature a detachable, wearable pocket. Imagine the convenience of setting out with just one piece of luggage and having the ability to ditch the majority of it when you need to step out to a restaurant or club and don’t want your pockets jammed with your camera, wallet, notebook, and phone all at the same time. The flexibility of a pack with a small purse or day pack that locks on and off the main satchel is perfect for situations such as these.

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For busy people with an urban lifestyle, a quality backpack is often more of a necessity than an option, and should be accorded appropriate respect. If you care about making sure your belt matches your shoes and your hair looks right, walking down the street with a beat-up old schoolbag throws off your entire style. Your bag should have as much fashion as the rest of your ensemble, so keep your eyes peeled for products of canvas, suede, or leather that have a color scheme to match your preferences, whether you like classy and understated or loud and clashing.


There’s no reason not to select a pack that fits your needs. Don’t settle for something that lacks a laptop sleeve if you carry your computer around frequently, for example. Convenient side pockets make a great place to easily access your tablet or note pad, and smaller pockets to organize your chargers, ear buds, and writing utensils should complete the package.

When you use a bag on a daily basis, it should be a reflection of you just as your clothing is. Don’t settle for a backpack that doesn’t conform to your sense of fashion and meet your storage needs.


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