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If you lead an adventurous lifestyle, then you may assume that flip flops are out of the question in your wardrobe. After all, when you go out hiking or fishing, you need something that can handle the great outdoors. You also want something that will keep your feet secure. The last thing you want is your footwear slipping off unexpectedly. Now you can enjoy the comfortability of a flip flop with the ruggedness of a boot with FlipRocks.


What Makes It Different?

FlipRocks are designed for adventurous activities. The bed is contoured to perfectly match up with the natural arch of the human foot. Additionally, three different gripping pads are available. You can swap out one with another depending on the activity you have planned.

• Timberline Gripping Pad: This pad is recommended for hikers who plan on hitting the trails. Normally, you would not want to wear flip flops on a hiking trail because the footwear could cause blisters. This pad is perfect for nature trails and mountain terrains.

• Marine Sportsman Gripping Pad: This pad is great for when you plan on venturing out onto surfaces that could be wet. For example, if you have an afternoon planned of being on a boat or kayak, then this pad should be used. It provides the wearer with secure footing, so you can step from the boat to the dock with peace of mind.

• Water Trekker Gripping Pad:Apply this pad for when you know you will be standing in moving water. It is ideal for fishermen who want to get right out there in the river. This gripping pad has cleats, so make sure you do not wear it while indoors.


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Hiking and fishing enthusiasts can finally start wearing flip flops on their big adventures. Donate to the FlipRocks Kickstarter today. By donating, you can get your hands on some awesome rewards, including a pair of FlipRocks.


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