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Invisible Cities

Imagine the old city of Jerusalem, with its twisting roads and high ancient walls and rich history, now imagine these roads and walls scaled down and molded in silver or gold into a ring with precious stones.


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What enchants us more than places far away?

The mystical sense one gets from exploring a new city. The adventure and excitement from a bustling market or the sunrise over the skyline.

The city, the huge heart and home of our civilization. Some ancient, some new, and some lost to the ages. Some stretch as far as the eye can see, and others pass in a blink of an eye. I am awed by the majestic tapestry of structure and architecture that compose our greatest places, and I want to wear them.


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About J.E. Kipp Designs

Jason Kipp, moved from the USA, now studies at Shenkar’s graduate program. Inspired by the first class project to relate the city to the body and subsequently launched a line of city inspired rings.In 2011, a year after completing his architecture degree in Wisconsin, Jason Kipp moved to Israel. He completed his army service in the Israeli Defense Forces and soon after began exploring his interest in jewelry making. Which led to his enrollment in a Master’s program in jewelry design atShenkar College.


Shenkar Collage inthe fall of 2014, took its Master’s students to Berlin, not before assigning them to read Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, This is a book written as if by Marco Polo, the famous Italian explorer, about cities that he once visited that never existed.

From this book along with the class trip to Berlin sparked the idea to create a series of unique rings called, Invisible Cities. Invisible cities rings are an expression of the most iconic elements of a place into jewelry. The designs use famous architectural landmarks and subliminal urban patterns to generate a unique form of a place into a ring.



Kipp, the creator and founder of J.E. Kipp Designs, has the goal of “making a series of ongoing city inspired rings” as well as partnering with a brick and mortar location in which he can “display the rings by region to create a global experience”.

The old city of Jerusalem is not the only city that has been created, Berlin and Istanbul have been scaled down and molded. These three cities are the first of many to come, next and currently under design is the city of Chicago with Antwerp following right after and Sfat.

These rings touch upon on the places people have been, memorizes the iconic cities that people are already familiar with and giving them a way to take those experiences with them everywhere.

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