Published 11 January 2018 -

Caffè con Vista

If there are three things in life that we all should cherish for their benefit to our souls, they would be coffee, culture and creativity. Mentally rejuvenating, intellectually inspiring and emotionally restorative, the three arguably make the world a better and more brilliant place to live in, which is, perhaps, why they encouraged the creation of Caffè con Vista, a patented optical system that allows drinkers to mirror landscapes on their coffee cup.


The perfect invention for those moments when escapism is the ideal antidote to dreariness and that inevitable mid-day slump that every one of us is familiar with, they allow us to get away for a time, to see someplace more beautiful and brilliant than where we are in the instant.

Let’s take a look at the innovative idea behind this incredible optical illusion in a little more detail…

What is Caffè con Vista?

Caffè con Vista is a design project with a difference: using science to transplant beautiful places onto the exteriors of specially made bone china cups, it allows even the most unimaginative among us to escape where we are and take a journey elsewhere as we sit back and enjoy our morning coffee.

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Utilising a technique known as anamorphic art, it reflects the image on the plate beneath it, so that you can enjoy a perfect 360-degree view of the faraway places you’ve always dreamed of visiting for yourself and have never had the chance to.

The ideal inspiration for your future travel plans, the idea is innovative, inspiring, and exquisitely lovely to behold.

Where can you go?

For those with an unfulfilled sense of wanderlust, the Caffè con Vista collection offers a unique opportunity to observe dozens of exotic landscapes over your morning coffee, with multiple saucers included to ensure that you have a fantastic choice of views.

The fledgling collection covers an array of different Roman destinations, amongst them:

• Colosseo
• Piazza del Colosseo
• San Pietro
• Castel Sant’Angelo
• Fontana di Trevi
• Piazza di Spagna
• Pantheon
• Piazza Navona
• Foro Romana
• Campidoglio

Offering a fabulous collection of images, and the unique opportunity to enjoy coffee with a view of Rome, the Caffè con Vista collection is a truly special and superbly clever idea. 

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Days to go : 7
Fundraising : 29867$
Plaform : Kickstarter
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