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Series Star Trek Continues


Far From Home is a company that loves Star-Trek. So much so that they have created Star Trek Continues, a fan-based web series produced to help finish the final 2 years of the original Trek mission. However, in order to continue their task, Star Trek Continues needed assistance from other science-fiction fans to complete the funding to film the project. 


Advertising their project on Kickstarter, which they cleverly termed “Kirkstarter 2.0,” Star Trek Continues needed at least $100,000. Within days, over 1,300 backers had helped them to reach their goal and even went above and beyond in creating funding for the project. Featuring lighting, filming, characterization, sets, and quality acting that all stay true to the original Trek, fans from all over the world clamored to provide their support for Star Trek Continues.

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With amazing backer opportunities such as autographed cast photos, autographed props used in the episodes, or the Holy Grail of Kickstarter rewards: a walk-on role in an upcoming episode, fans pledged their allegiance to Star-Trek and showed their desire for this fan-based production to continue.

Star Trek Continues has been racking up the accolades. The webseries has received “Best Feature” at the 2013 Lost Episode Festival Toronto, “Best Fan Film” at the 2013 71st World Science-Fiction Convention, and “Best New Media Drama” at the 2014 Burbank International Film Festival.

With their high-caliber filmmaking and attention to detail, Star Trek Continues has amassed fans from all over the world. The storytelling of the new Trekhelps to drive the episodes, focusing on much of the same issues and dramas of the human condition that helped to popularize the original show. The promise of new episodes created a successful Kickstarter campaign that was just too good to pass up for fans.

With a production value that is on par with the original series and a rabid fan base looking for more, Star Trek Continuesbrings the famous show back to life with the justice it deserves.

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Strech Goals:

$150,000 • Chief engineer "Scotty" wants to upgrade engineering! If we raise $150,000, we can make his wish come true -- and he can celebrate with something "green."

$175,000  You want us to visit "planets" -- and so do we! If we hit our stretch goal of $175,000, we can build additional sets... and our away team -- complete with red shirts -- can explore new worlds.

$225,000  Production of one additional episode, for a total of three!

$275,000  Production of another additional episode, for a total of four!

Every $50,000 above and beyond $275,000 will be used to produce an additional episode of Star Trek Continues. (If we don't quite make the $50,000, any monies raised will be used to upgrade sets, costumes, etc.)



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Statut : 215% funded
Perf : 214584$ of 100000$ goal
Plaform : Kickstarter
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