Published 27 July 2017 -

Griffin Emblem

Let's face it - the images of luxurious watches are only good for drooling. And when it comes to those thousand-dollar price tags, we are left with nothing but wiping our drools. Fortunately, there are some crowdfunding experts who thought of this - and wanted to make a big change when it comes to buying a luxurious watch. So, they invented GRIFFIN EMBLEM - the first luxurious, yet affordable and unique automatic watch.

Whether you are a fan of luxurious watches or an ordinary guy or gal just wanting to see the arrows lined for a lunch break, the Griffin Emblem watch will leave you breathless. After a lot of development and years of hard work focused on its design, this watch comes as a third major fund-raising campaign for this French team.

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Born in France and developed in England, the idea of selling a luxurious watch for a quite affordable price has been not the main focus when creating Griffin Emblem. So, what's so special about it?

Well, the Griffin Emblem is built of two main elements: the special Griffin and the Treasure. In other words, these metaphors relate to griffins as the ultimate protectors of gold. Featured on the Griffin Emblem, the griffin materials has a symbol that shows a griffin touching a diamond. And that is what the Treasure relates to - and what makes the story about this watch unique.

But obviously, the Griffin Emblem is more than that. It is not only a high-end luxury watch made to be sold at an affordable price - but one of the highest-quality automatic watches present on the marketplace. Yes, it works automatically - and has a stellar design. Completely elegant and fitting any professional dress attire, it comes at a unique price of $259 for one watch, $459 for two watches or $659 for three Griffin Watches.

With eight official models of high quality automatic watches, the Griffin Emblem is a serious threat to all those high end watches sold for thousands of dollars. Plus, it combines durable and authentic elements in it, combining them with a genuine leather and sapphire glass. So, if you want a new luxurious watch you can actually afford - head on to Indiegogo and support this French team of innovators!

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Statut : 474% funded
Perf : 87591$ of 15000$ goal
Plaform : Indiegogo
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