Published 19 September 2017 -

America, The "Beautiful"

Are you seeing America as a beautiful country? Or as not so beautiful enough?

The truth is, only the top 10% of successful people look at America as a beautiful country. But deep inside every one of us, there are many critics on how America could be better, securing us a better community and well being.

We all love America - but does our love cross that point sometimes and makes us sick about our country? Or it makes us vulnerable enough to do what it's worth and help the society become better in a way?

There are many questions that apply to our subjective selves when America is the topic. But for Khefa Nosakhere (Kef Ventress Marks), these questions have turned to answers. His Kickstarter project is all about his new novella named 'America, the "Beautiful"' - which is a project to be pledged for every interested person who wants to back its release.

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At this point, you may be asking yourslef what's so special about this book.

The truth is, as Khefa says - this novella is all about America, but more precisely - it's secrets. The egalitarian approach is still present in this book, however Khefa insists on an approach that only the minority of people see, known as the dark side of the media and the many factors increasing the poverty and brutality in America.



Will this novella open the eyes of the American nation - and start reinforcing the long-needed change the society insists on, but does not know how to back it?

One thing is certain - "America, the "Beautiful"" focuses on facts and events strictly, as the backbone to its main idea which covers the disproportionate amount of wealth concentrated in the top ten percent of the citizens as well as many other issues which are interesting and worth reading about.

Obviously, the budget costs of this book did not allow its author, Khefa Nosakhere to officially publish it - which is why he reached Kickstarter for help - and has built a project you can check here and be one of its first pledges and help Khefa towards his mission to cover the book fees associated with bar codes, marketing, print on demand and the official launch.

You can pledge any sum from $20, and get the special eBook as a reward or a paperback version of the book, as well as a Twitter shout out and a Live stream Launch Event Invite Postcard with your name on it. For the most generous backers, Khafa Nosakhere will send a DVD version as well as the standard ebook, postcard and event invite.

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Statut : 111% funded
Perf : 2325$ of 2100$ goal
Plaform : Kickstarter
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