Published 26 September 2017 -


The latest creation from Spanish Iván Giner and his A-iEasy Team. The stand holder gadget for smarphones that barely weights 6g. and 2.4mm thin. The oustanding universal gadget that everyone needs.



The theme of the team, ‘the greateness of simplicity’ that brings comfort to the life of everyone.

Having to do many things at a time like using the smartphone, watch a video and take notes, they realized stand holder would have been convenient to make life easier. This is why the team started to work straight away to develop the first foldable stand for smartphones that barely needs room. Wholy integrated. A-iEasy is the first stand holder that sticks to your phone to be used in both, LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT modes. A wide range of activities you can enjoy, such as video/films/calls/games and reading at your pleasure, plus live streaming in Instagram...


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LIGHT.Extremmely light, hardly 6g.
SLIM. So thin, just 2.4mm.
ADJUSTABLE. Not surprisingly you can place it in 21 posible positions placed in their different ways.
STRONG. So flexible! Successfully tested over 1 million times.
ECO-FRIENDLY.It's made up of green material and takes care of the environment.
UNIVERSAL. Suitable to all smartphones in the market.


The key features of A-iEasy are not at all: unstable, heavy; non-adjustable and bulky as they use to be.

A-iEasy won’t be a hassel to anyone. You won’t noticed it. Just the bit your smartphone needs to be complete. Only four steps to use it: pull, lock, twist and click. Powerfull design-100% security.


A-iEasy Team has already campaigned in Kickstarter Crowdfunding platform. Right now they’ve raised 1.000€ in 8 days. Pre-order; just the highest quality.

Access Kickstarter
Days to go : 333
Fundraising : 53$
Plaform : Kickstarter
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