Published 12 April 2017

How to promote my Crowdfunding project?

Good Marketing Delivers a Stronger Crowdfunding Campaign

The success of a crowdfunded project depends on many factors, including marketing. Marketing tools allow project creators greater reach; you and your team can connect with more potential funders by using these valuable concepts.


Why Does Marketing Matter to Crowdfunding?

Marketing is the art and science of getting people to pay attention to your idea, and then getting them engaged with it. In the case of crowdfunding, engagement means raising pledges and donations. Your marketing message needs to accomplish several basic functions:


  •          Your message needs to tell people why your project is important, innovative, novel, or entertaining
  •          It has to convince your audience of your project’s value
  •          It has to make potential pledgers excited about their involvement with your project
  •          It has to encourage financial engagement
  •          Your message has to make it easy for interested parties and pledgers to share your project with others


Without a strong marketing message, even great projects will fall short of their funding goals, and may never reach their full potential. This is why marketing is so important to the development of a crowdfunding campaign.


Resources at Your Fingertips

Accomplishing your fundamental marketing goals can be done in several ways. Video, copy, and promotional perks all play a role in communication and engagement. As a project creator, your time and resources need to be spent perfecting your work. Our team has the skill and experience required to boost your project’s visibility, polish its presentation, and deliver engaging content to the people ready to give you their support. We offer different promotional packages that let you control the final look of your campaign.


Crowdfunding Categories has put together a winning marketing team that can help your project succeed. Our resources are ready to work for you, and our team looks forward to helping your project get the support it deserves.


Do Not Let This Opportunity Pass

Crowdfunded projects typically have a very limited window of time in which to succeed. You cannot afford to let your hard work be poorly represented. Let our team get your project noticed.

You wish to promote your business on the Internet? C-C Agency is our marketing team specialized in crowdfunding.

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