Published 27 January 2017

Video Creators for your Crowdfunding Campaign

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L'affreux Bonhomme

L'Affreux Bonhomme is a studio of motion design, vfx and production, based in Paris.
No 3d crazy scientists or doctors in after effect, we are a structure
Sized, efficient and reactive. Each particle of the company is dedicated to our
Customers. Our dna is simple, passionate, creative and rigorous, our work covers
All types of projects, from video to sound: artistic direction, brand content, clips,
Advertising, institutional, educational, broadcasts.



Demo Duck

What we do is make video for business, but who we are is a small team of curious people. Curious about your business, what makes you special, what you’re experts in. We want to know the what, the why, the how–pick your brain and turn the findings into a video.


We’ve spent the past five years learning about businesses small and large, new and old, local and abroad. Our passion is to take what we learn from you and turn that into video content that can accomplish anything.




PowToon is the world’s leading, most user-friendly and most intuitive animation software. With PowToon, anyone - even if you don’t know a pixel from a proxy server - can create engaging, animated videos with a professional look and feel.

Our greater vision is to bring a touch of awesomeness to everyday communications. Whether you’re teaching a class, sending a note to a friend or pitching a product to potential investors - just PowToon it.



Digital Brew

A video production company that believes in forming connections through visual storytelling. Inspired by your ideas and goals, we craft explainer videos, film logo animation, brand videos, commercials, and just about any type of video your company needs. Our team thrives on giving you tools that drive measurable success.



EZ Video Creator

Matt’s Video Agency would love to help you increase your traffic and customers. We specialize in getting your business noticed…

Our goal is to provide you with a stellar product in a prompt and timely manner that you are going to love.

We also specialize in helping you market your commercials as well. This includes getting your videos noticed on YouTube, Google, Facebook, and more. Give us a call today. We look forward to serving you.



Super Cool Creative

A video marketing strategy plans the creative direction and goals of the video. The strategy projects what the videos are going to achieve and how.

Before we even jump into making videos we want to know what you plan to do with them. What are your goals? Why are we making videos? Awareness? Call to actions – CTAs? Product launches, new services?




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